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Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) - Lawns to Legumes

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BWSR's mission is to improve and protect Minnesota's water and soil resources by working in partnership with local organizations and private landowners. Funded by the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, Lawns to Legumes offers a combination of workshops, coaching, planting guides and cost-share funding for installing pollinator-friendly native plantings in residential yards. BWSR partners with Metro Blooms and Blue Thumb — Planting for Clean Water to administer the program.

Climate Generation and YEA!

Climate Generation Teach Talk Act Lead

Climate Generation and the YEA! program

Empowering individuals and their communities to engage in climate change solutions. YEA! is a program of Climate Generation, a network for Minnesota youth action on the systems perpetuating the climate crisis. By joining the Network, you can get involved at any level you’d like to build youth power. We provide the support and co-mentorship you need to step into climate leadership in your community.

Hennepin County Green Partners Environmental Education Program

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Engage, educate, act and collaborate for the environment. Hennepin County provides funding and support to organizations to actively educate, engage and motivate residents to become environmental stewards and make positive behavior changes

Hennepin County Master Recyclers

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Master Recycler/Composters (MRCs) are trained on waste prevention, recycling and composting, and effective communication skills through a six-week course, with one class each week, taught by industry experts and community leaders. Once training is complete, participants commit to volunteering 30-hours putting their skills to work on projects and activities that minimize waste and provide waste reduction, recycling and composting education.

Homegrown National Park with Harrington Realty & Altlawns

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"If half of American lawns were replaced with native plants, we would create the equivalent of a 20-million-acre national park, nine times bigger than Yellowstone or 100 times bigger than Shenandoah National Park."

Doug Tallamy, Internationally recognized entomologist and author of Nature's Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation that Starts in Your Yard

Chris Harrington of Harrington Realty and Altlawns member will talk with you about this unique and exciting initiative. They will help you register your square footage and Get on the Map!

Izaak Walton League Bush Lake Chapter

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The Izaak Walton League Bush Lake Chapter, protecting Bush Lake and surrounding lands and waters for over 85 years. Defenders of soil, air, woods, water and wildlife

Longfellow Community Wildlife Habitat Project

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The National Wildlife Federation officially certified the Greater Longfellow neighborhoods of Hiawatha, Howe, Longfellow, and Cooper as a Community Wildlife Habitat on August 10th, 2021. A five year community effort involving 173 households, 5 schools, 6 businesses/common areas, and the Longfellow Community Council. It is the only certified Minnesota community.

Minnesota Dragonfly Society

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The Minnesota Dragonfly Society ensures the conservation of Minnesota’s dragonflies and damselflies through Research and Education.

Minnesota River Valley Audubon Chapter

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MRVAC's mission is to provide leadership in promoting environmental awareness, education and advocacy action, especially relating to the wildlife and habitats of the Minnesota River Valley.

The Minnesota River Valley Audubon Chapter of the National Audubon Society was first organized on March 2, 1967. Our membership area spans the Minnesota River valley from Bloomington to Henderson, just to the south and west of Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Nine Mile Creek Watershed District

The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District, through efforts of our staff, board, advisory committees, consulting engineers, and partners, works to protect and preserve the water resources of the Nine Mile Creek Watershed.

Organic Bob

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Real Organic Lawn Care

Bob Dahm and Riley Bolton will answer your turf questions and help you decide where a shady garden would be a better option.

Pasque Ecological Design and Consulting

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Pasque Design specializes in providing sustainable landscape architecture services for residential, commercial, public, and institutional clients, including schools and faith based communities.

ReWild Native Gardens

Go Wild, Plant Native! ReWild creates garden spaces that beautify your yard while also supporting a myriad of important native pollinator and bird species. Gardens that utilize native plants (and wildlife-friendly practices) not only provide nectar and pollen but also act as hosts for butterflies and bees - giving them support for their entire life cycle. Your yard and garden can do more for you, and more for the environment.

Richfield Free Farm Stands

Wooden crates with vegetables and a sign that says Free Farm Market

Free Farm Stands
All people should have food, good local organic food. Families offer their bounty to others and encourage others to grow food in their own yards.

There will be urban growers available to answer questions, talk about their design and experience. Produce will also be available. Take some or share some!

Richfield Sustainability Commission

The Sustainability Commission works to support the education, promotion and implementation of environmentally sustainable measures and practices in the City of Richfield. The board also makes recommendations to the City Council regarding sustainability related initiatives and policies.


That means the most beautiful thing in the world can belong to all of us.

The noticeable lack of stars is a drain on the environment, on our resources, and affects us all.

Wild Ones Prairie Edge

Wild Ones Prairie Edge Chapter

Promoting environmentally sound landscaping practices to preserve biodiversity through the conservation, restoration and establishment of native plant communities.

Wild Ones Twin Cities

The Twin Cities Chapter of Wild Ones was chartered in 2001 and is one of several chapters in Minnesota. As we have grown, so has our network of native plant enthusiasts, gardeners, landscapers, nurseries and institutions who support our mission of educating the public about the benefits of preserving and restoring biodiversity of our native plant communities, beginning in our own yards and gardens.

Wild Nature Children's Activities

Naturalist and other volunteers will help your family create leaf rubbings, create colorful butterflies, and enjoy critter balloon creations.